• Angela Jadyn

Vibin Out Palm Springs Style

Trendy Style Made for the Heat.

Traveling is a state of mind, and if you can recreate that relaxed laid back mindset in an outfit while still maintaining femininity then it's a win win situation. I call this my Palm Springs outfit. Did I go visit Palm Springs? No but it certainly looks that way doesn't it? Lets get real when it's so hot out that an egg can seriously fry on the ground, well...it's hot and you need light airy clothing! When it's cookin out, you want something that flows so air can circulate and you can move around with ease and comfort. The last thing anyone wants on a heated summer day in the desert is something tight that will only create friction because friction constricted clothing causes more heat and who wants that in hundred degree weather?!

One shoulder strapped tops are trending this season and this ribbed one I found on Amazon. Super cheap and it comes in a ton of different colors...

The skirt is from LuLus two seasons ago I originally bought for my Belize trip. I love how it has a sexy slit on the side.

Who says Vegas can't recreate Palm Springs?!

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